What You Need to Know About Measuring New Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

May 31, 2019

New custom cabinets in Polson, MT can completely change the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Picking out a new wood and new style of cabinetry can invigorate the aesthetic of your home. However, before commissioning a project to replace your old cabinets and pick out new ones, you’ll need to have an accurate measurement of the dimensions you need to fill. If you’re not sure how to get the best estimate, read on and find out about all the measurements you need to take.

Taking the right measurements

There are several measurements you’ll need to take before determining the dimensions of your new custom cabinets in Polson, MT. First, you’ll need to measure your refrigerator size, or the potential refrigerator size if your kitchen is not completed with appliances yet. You may not be aware that refrigerators come in different sizes! You’ll definitely want to leave space for the fridge and freezer of your choice.

Second, you’ll want to measure your range size as well. There are different sizes of ranges, so you’ll want to make sure you leave space for your range. Then, you’ll want to consider other appliances that you need room for, such as the microwave. Having the measurements for these large and small appliances will help to ensure you have clearance for what you need after the cabinets are built and installed.

Space-saving storage ideas

If you are downsizing, or just find yourself in need of more space than you have available, there are several things you can do to save space in your kitchen and store things more efficiently. Check out the following space-saving ideas:

  • Lazy Susan: Having a lazy Susan in the pantry or tall cabinet can vastly improve your space needs. By placing spices, cans or other cluttering necessities on a lazy Susan, you can easily get to more items, more easily.
  • Sliding shelves: Sliding shelves will aid in a similar way to the lazy Susan, by making more of your pantry or kitchenware available to you with ease.
  • Hanging storage: Hanging storage is a great solution for pots and pans, which are notoriously hard to store. Hang them on the wall in the pantry or from the ceiling above the range.
  • Pullout pantry: A pullout pantry can drastically save space, allowing the space of the traditional pantry to be utilized as workspace. Pullout pantries also make it easy to access supplies and fit neatly away in the wall.
  • Cabinets to the ceiling: Another solution for additional space is extending the length of your custom cabinets in Polson, MT to the ceiling. You can get several extra feet this way, and a lot more storage!

Jackson Woodworks is a custom cabinet maker in Polson, MT. We work with many different kinds of wood and can do everything from simple to complex projects. We specialize in kitchen cabinets, furniture and more. Talk to us about your needs in your kitchen and we can help make your dreams a reality. We look forward to working with you soon!

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