Custom Wood Jewelry & Keepsake Boxes in Polson, Montana

Bandsaw boxes are uniquely crafted so that no two are ever really the same. We love to craft these beautiful mementos and frequently get requests for them. If you’re looking for a keepsake box, jewelry box or custom gift boxes in Polson, MT, let us know and we’ll be glad to design and create a bandsaw box that embodies your sentiments. Our skills apply to boxes of all sizes and shapes, and we take pride in creating totally unique creations every time.

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  • Jewelry Boxes:

    One of the most popular applications for bandsaw boxes is as custom jewelry boxes in Polson, MT. We can build you a chest for your most prized possessions, including compartmentalized boxes for necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Our custom jewelry boxes are the total package: Gorgeous Exterior; accommodating interior.

  • Decorative Boxes:

    We craft decorative boxes of all sizes, perfect for storing just about anything inside. From larger boxes that serve as ornamental fixtures in your home, to smaller models that house precious items, we take pride in building the bandsaw box that’s right for you.

  • Keepsake Boxes:

    Keepsake boxes are a beautiful gift idea and the perfect memento to give to someone you truly care for. We’re happy to design and create keepsake boxes that you can give to someone else, or to keep for yourself, to house the items that mean the most to you. Let us know your intended purpose for your box and we’ll help design the right size and style, for a truly unique creation.

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Reach us today at 406-600-4443 and we’ll be happy to answer questions or help you plan the ideal design.