Custom Wood Jewelry & Keepsake Boxes in Polson, Montana

Custom furniture is well-built and sturdy—the kind of pieces you pass down for generations as heirloom items. If you want to enjoy the craftsmanship of custom furniture today and pass on those pieces for years to come, contact Jackson Woodworks today. We design all types of furniture, with a special emphasis on rustic woodwork in Polson, MT. From tables and chairs to custom built-ins for your home, our abilities know no bounds.

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We have experience in designing and crafting all types of custom furniture in Polson, MT. We trend towards more of a rustic appeal, spanning a broad range of furniture options such as tables, chairs, benches, chests and much, much more. Our only limit is your imagination and we take great pride in working with you to figure out the specifics of your piece.

Our furniture is all handcrafted, made with precision, totally one-of-a-kind! Whether you’re getting a single heirloom piece created or want us to design and build a full set, we’ll gladly work with you on the specifics. We promise the final product will come alive in your home, surpassing any store-bought, mass-produced pieces.


Your home has its own personality. One of the best ways to enhance that personality and add unique attributes is through built-in items. Built-ins can transform a home, adding charm and sophistication in a way that store-bought pieces and other items just can’t. Call on us for built-ins of all types, including book cases and window seats. We’ll work with you on the perfect vision of a built-in accessory, boldly redefining the space you call home.

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Looking to bring home the beauty, durability and warmth of wood? Contact Jackson Woodworks today to learn more about our custom furniture building. We’ll happily design you a piece of furniture that you’ll love in your home for a lifetime to come.

Contact us today at 406-600-4443 to start discussing your vision for custom furniture.